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Paying Cheap Sometimes Means Paying Twice

Today you will read about a story that has a very important message for every customer – it doesn’t always pay off to go cheap. A London flooring contractor told us about this case – a customer wanted a new floorcovering for the hall stairs and landing but she didn’t want something usual. She was an already existing client so her request was paid some extra special attention. The lady saw a very appealing design on the Internet. The floorcovering was sisal – this natural material requires know-how so it can be fitted the right way. There is a difference between tufted and natural carpets – the installation process is longer and more demanding. All of that was carefully explained to the customer – she was also provided with a free quote. London flooring professionals always advise on getting several quotes in order to make a well-informed decision. Well, in this story the husband of the customer convinced her to choose another London flooring retailer as the flooring material and the service were cheaper. So, what happened next?

  • A couple of weeks after the lady sought our London flooring contractor, she called him again. This time she was asking for help with a little situation going on. The customer confessed that she and her husband went with a cheaper local flooring retailer but she was far from happy with the finished result. She asked if our London flooring specialist could visit their house so he could check the flooring and eventually fix it.
  • When the flooring professional went to the premises, he saw very poorly installed sisal London flooring. It was obvious that whoever had installed this product didn’t have the necessary knowledge and training to carry out the project efficiently. He hadn’t sealed the edges on the stairs and they were fraying. The risers were all loose and baggy with no adhesive used – the whole floorcovering looked totally different from the picture on the Internet which the lady initially aimed for.
  • After our London flooring expert inspected the ongoing disaster he asked the customer whether the product was left to acclimatise in the property before the installation. She explained that the fitter said that he had no experience in fitting such type of product. She also said that he was complaining all day how hard the project was. What our specialist suggested to the lady was to contact the shop manager to check the flooring himself and see if the considered this acceptable.
  • Installing natural products is not for everyone – there are specifics that should be taken into account as the natural floorcoverings but many so-called London flooring specialists fail to do that.
  • The customer did what the London flooring professional advised her – she called and the shop manager came for a visit only to find that the product is actually fitted really bad. He agreed to replace the lot of the product. The lady asked if she can choose someone else to fit it and the shop manager agreed. So, the customer paid the extra to our London flooring expert for the installation process. Step by step the whole project was carried out they it should had been the first time – it went smooth and the final result finally met the customer’s expectations.

The story has a happy ending but why did the customer have to go through all of that? It cost her more than paying extra money – she bore all the stress and worries just because she chose not to leave the project to a reliable contractor in the beginning. Paying cheap sometimes means paying twice – be aware of that!

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