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Penthouse Carpets Range Has Been Extended

Penthouse Carpets is a proud member of Britain’s rich textiles heritage. Moreover, the company has been part of the British wool carpet industry for over 40 years, since the founder John Hawker made his first rug. The company has been based in Lancashire, at the foothills of the South Pennines.

Penthouse Carpets are known to be versatile and unusual. That is true because Penthouse’s 80-strong workforce each owns a part of the company. This institution success depends on the customers being as happy with Penthouse carpets as the owners are. Buying a British wool carpet from Penthouse Carpets means buying from a company that really cares about its production. Penthouse is passionate about designing, making and selling high quality, exceptionally good carpets that set the standard for comfort, warmth, and durability.

With all their manufactured British wool carpets the company has been pleasing homeowners for decades now. And Penthouse does not let its proud heritage get in the way of its progress. As committed carpet manufacturers, they continue to research and develop the Rochdale-based factory and machinery to ensure a constant level of high standards in the carpets being produced. All their experience, pride, and expertise of the workforce represent their confidence that the Penthouse Carpet is always a British wool carpet of exceptional quality.

The company has recently re-imagined the ever-popular Stateside carpet range adding the new on-trend colourways, designed to complement contemporary interiors. This exquisite, clean, crisp, and plain-dyed cut pile carpet is crafted only at the mill in Lancashire. Penthouse is using only the finest raw materials, to deliver the superb quality and finish for which the company is renowned.

The extended collection offers 18 shades, with 40oz and 50oz options, a guaranteed full 4m and 5m width, all of this is durable and easy to fit. The Stateside carpet is 80% wool 20% synthetic fibre product that will stand the test of time.