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Popular Types of Wood Flooring in London

Recently Londoners have been leaning towards one of the most appealing and attractive options for the home – the wood flooring. Wood flooring can go along with any décor and complements any traditional or modern look. The flooring is suitable for any room with special materials available for kitchens. Needless to say, every type of wood flooring provides unique characteristics which separate it from rest of the hardwood floors.



Oak wood flooring is by far the most popular type of wood flooring. It is seen by many as a symbol of wealth. The natural wood grain will only be improving as it ages and oak wood is highly resistant to damages such as deep scratches. The flooring can last forever having proper care, while the worn-out ones can be easily refinished and put back.



Walnut wood flooring will make the flooring really stand out. The chocolate brown colour and the unique grain design is a perfect fit for a luxury home. Walnut is a very strong and extremely durable wood. The European Walnut is especially precious for its fine textures and perfect strength. This entire premium comes at a price though, but since it lasts practically forever the money you are spending is never wasted.



A timeless design for the home – is what mahogany stands for. It is preferred for its beauty and excellent durability. A characteristic that makes it highly desired is its water resistance when used as flooring. Mahogany wood flooring is now enjoying a rise in popularity. Apart from flooring, mahogany is used to make a wide range of furniture, musical instruments and even boats.


Non-solid options

Aside from natural wood flooring, there are also synthetically-created ones. The engineered wood is made up of several layers of wood glued together in opposing directions. It is similar to plywood in makeup but is much stronger and premium than it.


Selecting a wood flooring must always add value to the home. The Flooring Group has the showrooms to make a perfect choice and the expert team for professional installation. Do not hesitate to contact us today!