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Proper Absence Management Can Make Your Business Flourish!

Every London flooring company has faced the uprising problems when their staff is absent. There always will be people that take will skip work due to sickness or another unexpected reason but the thing that should be done is to know how to manage their absence so you don’t put your business in a tricky situation. Most of the employees feel bad because they think that they will let down their coworkers and employers. However, knowing the reasons why your staff is off may help you to deal with the ongoing situation easier.

  • Being a reliable flooring contractor is London means that you should keep your staff management at high level at all times. You should know why your employees are off, when they will be back so you can successfully continue your everyday business schedule with no interruptions. The reasons behind an absence may be the following: unauthorised absence for not specified reason, short-term sickness that lasts less than a week, short-term sickness on repeated pattern or long-term sickness that lasts more than a couple of weeks. London flooring experts point out that other reasons that may be given are emotional/ family problems or stress-related issues, your employee’s general physical condition or the working conditions – safety and health standards, bullying and harassment. This is why every London flooring company should provide adequate working conditions to their employees in order to maintain their good well-being.
  • To manage the sickness levels is as important for big companies as important for the small ones in London flooring industry. In order to keep in track the absence levels you should monitor them and see how much they cost you. London flooring professionals advise to keep a personal record for every employee and check if there are any patterns. An interesting fact is that the total cost of absence in the UK economy is about £17bn per year – this leads to damage to company reputation and customer service, falling behind schedule and hiring temporary staff to cover the needs of the business.
  • Experienced flooring contractor in London encourages companies to have a clear policy when they manage unauthorised absence and sickness absence. Important matters such as how employees inform the managers of a sickness, understanding the purpose of “return to work interviews” and other triggers towards any disciplinary actions should be taken into consideration.

Every London contractor should think about the impact on their employee’s emotional and physical well-being regarding working patterns, working conditions and your company’s business culture.

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