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Provide Safety For Your Employees & Clients – Install Entrance Flooring System

Slips and trips were the most common reason for major injuries to employees according to the Health and Safety Executive in 2013/2014. London flooring specialists stated that these accidents are caused by different factors which contribute to the high rate. Some of the are the type of flooring, the footwear and the environment. Many different flooring solutions lessen the chances of such injuries but what proves to be very efficient is the installation of an entrance flooring system. Below London flooring experts will explain further what these systems are all about:

  • An entrance flooring system, also known as EFS, prevents moisture and dirt from spreading into the building. Not only this reduces the costs of repair in the long-term appearance of the interior of the building but London flooring experts point out that these systems eliminate slip hazards. By definition, an entrance flooring system is an installation of flooring material that is tailored to decrease the ingress of soil into buildings or to reduce the transfer of soil and dirt from one place in the building to another.
  • London flooring contractors say that by installing a high-quality entrance flooring system about 95% of moisture and dirt can be removed from treads of wheels and soles of shoes meaning that it will reduce the potential risk of injuries. Yet, we should have in mind some factors when are creating a good system. Footfall should be considered – the number of people walking in and out of a building on a daily basis as well as the routes that are taken by the occupants of the building. By collecting this information, you will be able to tailor the design of the entrance the right way.
  • When you have chosen the EFS, London flooring professionals explain that you need to decide on the size of the system needed for your building. However, there is no standard for defining the effectiveness of systems that are available. London flooring specialists state that the length of the system should achieve a maximum number of footfalls within the available area. London flooring experts recommend at least three metres of an entrance flooring system for lightly used areas and up to seven metres for busy areas. In order to make the systems even more efficient typically more matting is used to prevent the tracking of moisture and dirt into the building.

London flooring contractors explain that relying on coir matting or loose matting when the entrance of the building is busy will not do the job. In order to choose the most suitable entrance flooring system for your premises better contact a reputable flooring manufacturer that will give you unparalleled advice and help!

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