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Commercial Flooring News

Recent Carpet Trends

Not everyone is fond of wood or stone and just needs the comfort and warmth of a carpet. For those customers The Flooring Group has listed out the recent trendy looks in the carpet industry.

Waterproof Carpets

Yes, that is already on the market, due to the recent technological advance and improvements. And this is not only for the outside. Customers can enjoy water resistance and plushy feel beneath their feet even inside – in the bathrooms and kitchens. The trend is being hyped up and is here to stay.

Recycled Carpets

This has become fashionable long ago, but now it has become more affordable, meaning that ever resident can have it. There are manufacturers that close up their cycle of production and save up money on their sources and production costs, resulting in low retail price and the satisfaction of being nature considerate. Being green and eco-friendly brings them praise and more loyal customer base.

Cut And Loop Carpets

The combination of both techniques allows for more freedom in the patterns and textures variations. The style is great for areas that need to make a bold statement.

Frieze Carpets

Also known as twist carpets, this as a curly look that many prefer. It has been on the rise since 1970s, but with the new and innovative production techniques, it may never go into hiding.

Carpet Tiles

This recent trend allows for more imaginative approach to flooring, while being very affordable to replace. There are retailers producing only carpet tiles with bold patterns and colour designs, combines with easy instalment. This style is especially popular in playrooms, basements and large open plan living areas.

Carpet is no longer considered a burden to clean and maintain and is far from the bulky and messy flooring our grandparents are used to. The Flooring Group partners with the best UK manufacturers and retailers that offer reasonable prices and excellent quality.