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Reclaimed Wood For The Good!

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using reclaimed wood in London flooring projects and more information about the process. We should say that more and more homeowners start taking their decisions environmental-consciously and think about the different ways their homes can impact on the nature. London flooring contractors point out that there has been an increasing popularity of using reclaimed wood. Green solutions are preferred by the homeowners as they want to reduce their carbon footprint. London flooring experts say that the rise in popularity of reusing wood is also a result of the fact that restoring reclaimed wood takes about 13 times less energy that it takes to process new wood. You know that wood is a unique material and its aesthetic and physical structure can’t be mimicked.

  • The first advantage we can point out is that reclaimed wood tends to have a tighter grain, in other words, it is more durable and stable. It also has less moisture and won’t bend out and change its shape like new wood would. London flooring specialists say that most of the reclaimed wood comes from old homes and barns but it can also be sourced from renovation sites, shipyards and demolition sites. It is very important to salvage these sustainable solutions as it makes a great difference to the environment. An essential thing to consider is the previous application of the wood. If there was a chemical contamination, it will weaken the durability of the wood and make it unsuitable for a London flooring solution. Similar to that, if the wood was used for palettes to transport food, there is a big chance of bacteria manifestation into the wood grain which again makes it unsuitable for interior use. In order to help London flooring contractors buy and supply quality wood, reclaimed timber has 3 grading classes: high, medium and low.
  • What is behind the restoration process? You should know that one of the most efficient methods of restoration wooden London flooring is simply rejuvenating the surface. If you have a worn wooden floor at home, it can be sanded, cleaned and re-finished – in no time you are provided with an appealing London flooring solution. A very important part of the reviving process is to closely examine the wood and repair any scuffs and dents. Usually, a wood filler product is used to even the surface. To finish, London flooring experts recommend using a high quality product which is compatible with the specified finish. Once the wooden flooring is cleaned and sanded, the finish is applied and after that, if needed, any repaired surfaces are camouflaged, leaving a presentable London flooring solution! You can enhance the natural features of wood with a clear protective finish.
  • What you should consider before buying reclaimed wood is the source of the wood and how it has been treated. You should make sure that the seller is reliable and offers guarantee – any unrealistic prices can be a sign of a deceiver. In order to make a reclaimed wood suitable for internal use, London flooring professionals say that the safest method is to heat-treat it. Heat-treated wood or kiln-dried wood can be used for quality parquets. Such flooring solutions can be installed in rooms with high moisture levels such as bathrooms and saunas and even as London commercial flooring.

Reduce, reuse and reclaim and be an environmentally-conscious homeowner!

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