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Recofloor Celebrates 10th Anniversary Recycling Scheme

Recofloor was initially developed to recycle post-consumer vinyl waste, however, the logistics and retrieval of the material were more challenging than initially thought. In 2007, all vinyl flooring manufacturers created this working group. It was managed and coordinated by a waste management company. Funding was done through WRAP (Waste and Resources Management Company) but after the trial period, government funding ceased. Polyflor continued to run the scheme with another UK Manufacturer and in 2009 Recofloor was formed.

Did you know that about 8% of the construction material used onsite is presumed wasted?

As of September, over 4.6 thousand tonnes of vinyl waste, or enough to cover 230 football pitches, has been recycled nationwide with Recofloor. On average about 1.3 tonnes of vinyl per day has been recycled by the company. This is the approximate weight of a black rhino in waste. Recycling of this much over the years has helped save over 6,945 tonnes of CO2.

The flooring industry has not been bound by law to recycle the waste, but Polyflor has been actively looking to recover and utilize post-consumer waste vinyl flooring to minimize the industry’s environmental impact and close the loop of the product life cycle.

This year, Recofloor has placed Gold bins at different drop off sites, and a program to win 1 of 3 Red Letter Days vouchers. Get more details on this activity by checking #ItsBIN10Years.

The company will also award and reward all their members for their hard work and huge efforts in recycling vinyl waste flooring.