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Recycle And Win

Recofloor Vinyl Flooring Recyclers have been holding annual promotions with the sole purpose to encourage more and more flooring companies to recycle their vinyl flooring waste. During September 2017 the event was streamed live on the Social Network and three companies have been chosen to receive Red Letter Days Gift Cards each with the amount of £100.00. The winners were encouraged to spend that in “unforgettable event on their choosing”.

It has been estimated that a total of over 38 tonnes of waste were sent for recycling. That was a notable increase of more than 31% from the amounts from last year. Each participant was requested to draw in 2 full bulk bags or 1 full blue bin of vinyl waste. The interest in the recycle competition has been growing enormously, as companies are thrilled to win anything for a change and prove that recycling is the future.

Some companies have even gone further as to clear up the car park and make way for more recycling bins – such as cardboard for example. During the summer months the management body has notice increase in the paper and cardboard waste due to the preliminary school and university work they do. This encouraged them to focus more on saving the planet and re-using existing sources. And what is more important the price coming at the end of a busy summer gives additional motivation to the employees.

The vinyl recycling campaign has been launched over 8 years ago by Polyflor and Altro – a leading flooring manufacturer. The event has recycled over 3 400 tonnes of waste through Recofloor and subsequently put that back in the production cycle. That amount equals flooring and area with the size of 138 football pitches. All flooring companies can save up to 75% of their disposal costs with Recofloor, as well as significantly reduce their negative environmental impact.

Sign up now on, and take active part in the planet’s future.