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Reduce The Floor Scuffing and Scratching

Taking proper care of the laminate, wood, or vinyl floor will help to increase its longevity and save up the money required to replace it. Here is everything you need to know about preventing scuffs and scratches on the floors or fixing them if they appear.

What can cause the floor scuffing and scratching?

There are a lot of things that can cause damage, but the number one offender is shoes! Particularly those soled with rubber are the main cause of the dark scuff marks. Similarly, heeled shoes and hard-soled shoes are causing denting and scratching.

Apart from shoes, all hard-legged furniture, some children’s toys and pet claws can also leave annoying marks. Here are some ways you can prevent all of these factors from doing damage.

  • Remove all footwear inside the home. A nice shoe rack by the door will help a lot in preventing the hallway from becoming a shoe mountain.
  • Sole protectors can be an effective way of keeping the floors safe. They are also a good alternative to the no-shoe-inside rule.
  • Furniture protectors – One of the easiest ways to protect against dragging marks are the low-cost furniture leg caps or pads.
  • Mats or rugs – Rugs are the best protective barriers and a sound and heat insulating item as well.
  • Pet manicure – Always making sure your pet’s nails are clipped and paws cleaned after they’ve been outside.

Remove scuffing and scratching

If there is a particularly eye-catching mark or scratch on the floor, there is a way to fix it depending on the floor type.

Wood floors – They are probably the easiest to treat because almost any marks can always be sanded out and even varnished over.

Laminate floors – These can be a bit trickier to treat as only the upper layer is coloured, so sanding can end up just revealing more of the fibre boarding underneath. White erasers or tennis balls work equally well at removing black scuffs but any scratches must be treated with a laminate touch-up kit.

Vinyl floors – Treatments for damage to vinyl can vary depending on what sort it is and how it has been installed.

Calling in an expert will save up a lot of money and headaches. Do not hesitate to contact The Flooring Group for a professional advice and an estimate.