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Restore The Buried Hardwood Treasure

In this article, our London flooring experts will reveal incredible tips on restoring uncovered wooden flooring. A recent survey showed that people prefer to renovate their properties – the number has fallen 4% which is the first decline since 2012. An interesting fact is that they choose to tear up their outdated carpets and reveal the hardwood floor laying beneath. Read on and check the best tip on restoring your hardwood flooring!

  • Flooring professionals in London explain that the prices of properties are increasing and this is why many homeowners decide to revive their current living premises. In fact if you take up the procedure on your own, it can be very challenging and time-consuming but for a London flooring contractor it is a great opportunity.
  • The most important thing that must be done after the wood is exposed is to estimate the damages and check for rot and woodworm. The area must be treated as soon as possible in order to eliminate the infestation completely. When needed the London flooring is provided with an appropriate rot treatment. A smart trick which London flooring professionals shared is to number the boards in chalk so when you put them back, they are re-laid the right way. Ventilate thoroughly the room to prolong the effect of the process. Don’t forget to pay attention to the small scrapes and dents and use a wood filler to even out the surface. If there is any excess it will be removed when you sand and finish the floor.
  • The last stage is to apply a new finish. However, it is important to note that the remaining wax, oil, varnish or polish has to be removed. You have to provide the wood with a deep clean. When you have to remove varnish and paint finishes you can easily strip them off by right varnish or paint stripper. When removing waxes, oils and polishes, have in mind that the easiest way is to wipe the areas with a rаg soaked in white spirit and then finishing with a steel wool.
  • London flooring contractors say that when hardwood flooring is restored, the wood becomes darker when exposed to sunlight so sanding can dramatically change the appearance of your floor. Once you finish with the process, you are recommended to protect the floorboards with plywood sheets of hardboard before you apply the finish. When choosing the finish, make sure it has natural ingredients so the wood can breathe and adjust to the conditions the environment offers without the appearance of blistering and cracking.

It is definitely worth it to restore your buried hardwood treasure – make the best use of it!

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