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Restore Your Hardwood Treasure

More and more people are choosing to renovate their homes rather than move. In fact recent study has shown that those who are moving out are less than 2016 with 4%. They are faced with the only option of start refurbishing and redecorating. And as appealing as it may seem, customers may find themselves in a very awkward situation. One of the first things to start with is the floor. The majority of houses have wooden floors and time is never kind to them, specially when neglected.

Wooden floors have proven to be the most preferred flooring type, so restoring the old one comes as an essential practice. Before having the perfect one, however, there are a few steps that one must consider.

1. Revealing the original floorboards can cause a bit of a shock, if the latter was under a carpet or other flooring. So the first thing to deal with is the condition of the boards – well preserved, damaged or just dirty.
2. Assessment of the condition should be performed by a professional, as to provide objective and expert opinion of what needs to be done, and what can be done.
3. The easiest and best way is to have a fully preserved floor, that will be brought to life with just light buffing. Then the customer may proceed with staining and waxing to finish up.
4. The hardest way is to reveal a floor that needs tons of work upon, but bears a good quality and can be restored to the fullest. The amount of work may vary in duration, price and expectations. And again should be well conducted and executed.

We at The Flooring Group pride ourselves in having top quality producers and partners for every type of floor, every request of customer and every condition to perform excellent job.