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Revolutionary Flooring Designs Comprise Safety And Functionality

London flooring contractors claim, that nowadays when we talk about safety flooring, we mean excellent combination between wonderful aesthetics and functionality. Modern customers require elegant and sophisticated floorcoverings, but slip resistance properties are also of great importance. Here are more details:

  • According to every professional London flooring company safety performance doesn’t mean compromise with design. To prove that, London flooring specialists explain about all the available design-led and luxury vinyl safety floor coverings. There are numerous inspiring designs which reflect the actual flooring trends and ensure amazing appearance for commercial sectors, public buildings, leisure and hospitality and retail. All of them deliver exclusive safety performance.
  • Nowadays London flooring experts may provide various designs with alternative and striking wood-effects or earthy natural elements such as sand, concrete and metal scratch designs. Therefore, clients can find a safety floor covering corresponding to any fashionable and contemporary interior style.
  • In addition, a good London flooring company may provide the opportunity to mix and match the current designs in order to establish the perfect bespoke floor covering for customers. This option is possible with some of the new luxury safety vinyl products accessible on the market. Keep in mind, that they are manufactured in a modular format which gives the chance for mixing and matching.
  • London flooring specialists explain, that the wear layer of normal safety flooring products usually comprises carborundum particles. These specific particles can affect the overall colour and design of the flooring, because their colour is dark.
  • London flooring contractors are aware, that there are manufacturers who implement revolutionary safety crystals in their products. The purpose is to improve the clarity and brightness of the design and to ameliorate the environmental profile of the London flooring solution.
  • However, despite the various new design alternatives, the importance of safety and functionality remains.

London flooring experts conclude, that the modern trend is focused on less industrialised appearance. More natural and softer designs are preferred. So, London flooring contractors should be always up-to-date with the new developments in order to provide the appropriate floor covering.

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