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Rubber Flooring – An Eco-Friendly, Durable And Easy To Maintain Flooring Solution

As a reliable and experienced flooring contractor, The Flooring Group offers wide range of affordable and durable products. One of them is rubber flooring. It is an eco-friendly flooring solution, because it’s produced of natural rubber. This type of flooring is preferred in various industrial and residential areas. There are spaces like restaurants and sports centres where durable and slip-resistant flooring is mandatory. In addition, rubber flooring provides a surface that is very easy to clean thanks to special vulcanised finish. So, if you need an environmentally compatible flooring solution, you should rely on rubber flooring. Unlike other types of floorings, this one doesn’t require any coating, which will reduce the expenses. Don’t hesitate to rely on our company, because we will provide you high-quality service from the moment of the purchase till the final installation.