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Rubber Flooring In Commercial Spaces Myths

It is common to have misconceptions and many presumed benefits that may not be entirely true. Here are few myths about rubber flooring worth researching when considering your flooring investments.

1: Rubber is inexpensive and quite easy to install

On average this is the most expensive flooring option in terms of material costs and installation. When compared to other resilient floor solutions, the increase in installation costs is often due to stringent low-moisture subfloors requirements, or special testing equipment. Another factor is the costly sub-floor prep which increases labour costs and extends the project timelines.

2: Rubber is durable and easy to maintain

We associate rubber mostly with durability. But when it comes to flooring, rubber possesses unique qualities that can certainly impact its own durability. Rubber flooring has very poor resistance to stains, oils, and grease. It also requires ongoing maintenance including additional custom materials and machines. On the other hand, uncoated rubber floors can easily oxidize and change colour as a result of UV exposure. Furthermore, heat and metals like copper can make the rubber brittle and shrink away from seams over time. Sharp and heavy objects will easily indent or crack the rubber flooring.

Maintenance is not easy as well. What works for one may not do the same for another. The total life-cycle cost to maintain the resilient products is on par, or better than, the rubber flooring solutions. This is due to the patent-pending Diamond 10 Technology, a special coating that provides stain resistance for cleaner and newer look for longer periods.

3: Rubber provides great comfort and slip-resistance for its value

The main reason rubber floors are chosen for the healthcare industry. However, to achieve noticeable underfoot comfort, the rubber floors must be thicker. As a result, more floor transitions must be installed. This contributes to increased noise and tripping hazards. These thicker rubber floors are quite costly as well.