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Safety And Style Are Equally Important!

Blending practicality and design is not the easiest task. This is why many London flooring contractors are faced with the problem when they should install such solutions in commercial environments. The most important aspect is to use safety and welfare. Every year there are more than 3,500 trips, slips and falls that consist a large portion of the accidents in general. The culprit of the slippery surfaces in known to be the wooden flooring but if an anti-slip finish is applied wood becomes slip-resistant and very durable. The same applies when we are speaking of linoleum and vinyl flooring – when they are treated with quality anti-slip finish they turn into highly water-resistant hard-wearing surfaces. A London flooring company points out that every flooring should be provided with such a coating so the risk of falls and slips is reduced.

  • London flooring contractors say that when aggregates of different particle sizes are added into an epoxy resin, an anti-slip coating is instantly created – it improves the abrasion resistance which means that the chances of slipping are reduced drastically. Of course, for different types of London flooring should be provided with different treatment for achieving the best results. The right solution is chosen in accordance with the type of floor surface and other factors, for instance, whether it will be exposed to water. On the other hand, installing carpet seems to be the safest bet as it does not become unstable or slippery. Unfortunately, we should have in mind that carpets stain easily and their maintenance and replacement over time can be pricey.
  • When we are talking about commercial environments, London flooring professionals say that the fact the flooring experiences heavy levels of traffic which means that they have to be durable but also to be maintained easily. Plain example – can you imagine a restaurant or an office that wants their London flooring to require extensive maintenance? This simply means more expenses and a long downtime.
  • Flooring options that provide easy upkeep and maintenance are wooden floors – there is no need to replace the surface, all that has to be done is to remove the finish and re-apply it. This brand-new appearance is instantly created and London flooring experts point out that when it is time for refurbishment, it will significantly cut the downtime when compared to other materials.
  • No customer wants to choose between safety and style – everyone wants both! When we are speaking of commercial buildings, impression means a lot so appropriate as well as inappropriate London flooring can play a significant role when you are trying to alter the overall look of a room – carefully choose the solution so you know what impression you are about to leave.

It’s very important for London flooring contractors to find materials that are provided with aesthetically pleasing along with the needed durability. A smart option is to install carpet in the areas where there is no much footfall and to install wooden London flooring for the walkway. Thanks to the wide range of coloured finishes, contractors can specify the appearance in the different spaces and create the desired hue.

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