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Safety For Shoppers

A recent research revealed that almost 90% of shopping in Great Britain is done in physical stores despite the online shopping trend. This result was not expected but it seems that British consumers are not ready to adopt the tendency of online shopping. What does this mean? Retailers must provide a safe physical environment for customers. Choosing the right flooring is of utmost importance – the premises has to be clean and sleek and provide an inviting interior to attract people. London flooring experts point out that creating a good first impression begins with the first step in the store – a clean, smooth surface and a good image of the brand.

  • Let’s discuss the importance of choosing the appropriate London flooring for each area of the store. For example, entrances face the highest concentration of foot traffic as on a daily basis mothers with prams, groups of teenagers and mobility scooters rush through it. To create safe flooring solutions, London flooring specialists say that a barrier matting should be installed – it plays an essential part of any design scheme or shop fitting. Installing barrier matting complies with British Standards and The Building Regulations – it should remove debris and water as well as provide safe access for consumers and staff involving wheelchair users. A leading flooring contractor in London says that a secondary matting can be installed for a complete entrance solution.
  • When adequate matting is specified, moisture and dirt tracked by wheeled traffic and pedestrians can be considerably reduced. It will prevent the surrounding London flooring from becoming wet and reduce the chances of slip accidents. The right barrier matting will also protect interior floorcoverings – London flooring experts say that this is a cost-effective way to reduce the costs for cleaning and maintenance. Another added benefit to specifying the barrier correctly is that it will improve the safety and health for shoppers and employees as the surface will be clean and unobstructed. It will also boost the aesthetic appearance and improve the interior.
  • Now, let’s discuss another major concern – stairs in a retail setting. They are subject to heavy traffic and also pose the highest risk of slips and trips. Usually, they are situated to the front of store entrances but it seems that there is rarely enough matting installed to eliminate the moisture before reaching the entrances. In such high-risk areas, London flooring professionals combining primary and secondary barrier so the chances of dangerous slips are decreased. The next step to tackling the stair safety is to consider installing stair edging. There are some solutions that are designed with an extended insert that covers the front edges of steps – this will increase the contact surface, therefore, reduce the risk of slips.

Creating a retail design should always be done with shoppers in mind. The London flooring solutions should be provided with increased slip-resistance and additional barrier matting. Floors play a big role in the overall design so a safe and accessible yet attractive environment should be achieved. It may not sound like an easy task but when you have all of the aspects in mind and trust London flooring experts, there will be no hassle!

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