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School Carpet Tiles

Among all of the amazing floors suitable for schools, by far the best is usually the carpet tiles. School carpets for classrooms, universities or colleges must be hard wearing and extremely cost-effective. They are made with the latest tufting and fibre technology in order to ensure the highest performance.


Here are 5 reasons for choosing carpet tiles for schools


  1. Excellent acoustics: carpet tiles absorb sound and block echo. This is exactly why they are a great choice for education environments. Tiles are perfect for classrooms, corridors, receptions and circulation areas, while are available in a huge range of colours and styles. Carpet tiles will create a quiet space for learning and teaching, but prevent noise reverberating around the premise.
  2. Extremely durable: the good quality carpet tiles will last for ages. Many come with a guarantee for up to ten years. They resist indention, split ends and are suitable for continuous use. The maintenance is easy and generally, carpet tiles require far less than all other floorings. If a tile should become heavily damaged it can simply be swapped with another.
  3. Massive design choice: a wide options for individually designed flooring. This provides a way for the interior to be tailored to any interior design specifications.
  4. Environmentally responsible: many of the new carpet tiles are sourced from recycled products and will be recycled at the end of their lifetime.
  5. Anti-static: there are carpet tiles suitable for use in computer rooms, that protecting the expensive IT equipment and prevent static shocks for room users.


The Flooring Group supply and install carpet tiles from all major UK manufacturers and always provide very competitive prices.  With decades of experience in supply, installation and subfloor preparation we will assist our clients in choosing the right products for everyone.