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Select the Right Moisture Management System!

It is of utmost importance for London flooring contractors to be able to manage the moisture levels prior to undertaking any floor installation. Today, we will discuss the different types of moisture management systems that are on the market. A prominent London flooring company highly recommends every contractor to take their time to comprehensively determine the condition and composition of the subfloor before choosing the suitable products for the process. A big issue is the excess subfloor moisture. It can result in expensive repair works at some later point so you should do everything possible to avoid such scenarios. Fortunately, London flooring specialists point out it is now easy – just rely on an advanced waterproof surface membrane system.

  • Make the right start – after the initial preparation, make sure you measure the moisture to figure the relative humidity levels of the subfloor. Flooring experts in London warn that if you fail to treat the damp surface it may lead to debonding of adhesives, rotting of carpet underlays, warping of wooden floors, etc. Not to mention that dampness also promotes the growth of mould that might damage the floorcovering. In order to precisely measure the subfloor moisture, a distinguished London flooring company advises on using a calibrated digital hygrometer. In case the relative humidity levels are more than 75% (it is 65% or above for wooden floorcoverings) a moisture protection system has to be applied. It will hamper the passage of residual construction moisture.
  • When a flooring contractor in London is working to meet a tight deadline, it is advisable a water-based moisture management system to be used. Such systems are effective up to relative humidity levels of 95%. They offer an eco-conscious, high-performance alternative to epoxy-resin systems and can create an efficient protective layer against moisture in less than 2 hours.
  • When London flooring contractors have to install a floor where there are high levels of moisture, the recommended solution is to install a solvent-free epoxy resin system. They can be effective up to 98% relative humidity levels. The best products will provide a barrier against moisture in one coat and it can cure for about 3 hours.
  • Another option is to lay a loose-lay isolator membrane directly onto the subfloor. It will provide a barrier between the floorcovering and moisture and they are perfect for use with heritage flooring. This membrane allows the new flooring to be adhered to the upper surface while protecting the flooring under.

Don’t miss to educate yourself on this important matter concerning London flooring contractors. Thanks to the modern technologies, it is now possible to provide a high-quality floor finish and meet any deadline provided that you work with the right moisture management system!

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