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Commercial Flooring News

Seminar For Tiling Terraces And Balconies

There is now a very comprehensive seminar on tiling to terraces and balconies. It offers an overview of external tiled living spaces as well as guidance on ensuring lifelong London flooring installations. An interesting fact is that when a correct tiling system is correctly specified, all of the kinds of tile installations are said to be suitable for outdoor use.

  • This seminar will be very beneficial for specifiers as it will provide a technical overview on topics like avoiding frost damage, cracked tiles, moisture staining and efflorescence. London flooring specialists point out that these are all caused by inadequate drainage. The seminar will explore the positive as well as negatives of traditional backgrounds and assemblies such as cement – loose lay systems, sand screeds, drainage screed, pedestals and drainage mats.
  • London flooring contractors explain that this seminar also will cover design considerations such as waterproofing, falls, construction, movement joints, drainage and edge details. An interesting fact is that inside to outside transitions and building connections are also considered.

Such courses and seminars are very advantageous for London flooring professionals that want to be familiar with the latest trends in the industry. You will also learn more about advanced adhesives, preparation, sealant products and grouts.

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