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Set The Bedroom Style With Flooring – Part 1

Choosing the bedroom flooring is always a big decision – whether a warm wood, soft silk or natural texture –everything should be synchronised. Once the tone is set, the rest of the décor will take its cue from it. Here The Flooring Group will list some beautiful ways to kick-start a new style in the most restful of rooms.

Silky touch
Totally luxe can be the keynote mood of this small space. Place a snow-soft silken carpet, which texture and colour will be picked up in the rest of the décor. A silk or viscose carpet always feels and looks different, setting the room as a brilliant runway place.

Wild for geometrics
Zigzagging lines will raise the game. It is the perfect mood-setter for a compact and urban space.

Warm it up with wood
A nice flow of rooms will be united by warm-toned timber boards. The real wood is always the best choice. Yet, engineered boards with good quality can also be a choice, which is easier to both lay and look after.

Zing it up with the rug
A bold citrus-coloured rug can be a cue for equally daring artwork and be contrasting in colour upholstery. Grey with lemon yellow, or lime green are certainly perfect combinations.

Pale but interesting
The lighter tones of any natural wood are quite versatile and easy on the eye. It can be used as a way to unite the taupes, caramels and creams.

Woven sisal magic
Sisal and seagrass bring natural textures into the bedroom and work perfectly well with pale greys, blacks and seaside whites. The carpets are not the kindest on feet but are very hard-wearing and versatile.

No matter the texture, colour or decor, The Flooring Group liaises with the top manufacturers and producers for the perfect atmosphere of one often neglect
ed room.