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Set The Timing Of Your Refurbishment The Best Way

When is the best time to start a refurbishment project in educational establishments? London flooring experts advise you to consider summer holidays as they are a suitable time for creating a decent learning environment when the students are gone for the Summer. What are the essential parts of such a London flooring project? Carpet tiles, barrier matting and flooring accessories will help you create quality educational premises and at the same time reduce the maintenance and cleaning costs. Let`s see what advice London flooring contractors gave in order to execute an efficient refurbishment project over the Summer.

  • The first thing that should be taken into account is the noise impact. An important aspect that has to be considered is balancing the acoustics in universities and schools. London flooring experts point out that it is proven that when an educational facility has shown poor acoustics it has a detrimental effect on learning. What is the most suitable London flooring solution in such case? Carpet tiles. They absorb impact noise and in the same time, they provide easy maintenance and durability that is of great importance for educational facilities with heavy footfall. Another benefit of carpet tiles is that they muffle reverberant sound and provide a suitable environment for conversations. In addition to that, carpet tiles can create zones within an establishment. When different colours are used, they create different areas within schools or universities and walkways, breakout and specific teaching areas are easily distinguished. London flooring professionals also say that using different colours can also promote creating an interesting and unique design in the educational establishment.
  • Creating a safe environment is another element that should be considered, especially the stairs, as they pose a great chance of slips, trips and falls. When young people, full of energy and running around, are involved, or simply they are using their mobile phones while walking on the stairs, the risk is drastically increasing. London flooring contractors recommend using stair edgings in order to create good slip-resistance. The types that are suitable for educational environments are stair edgings with PVC-u or aluminium channels – they ensure that foot contact is always made with a secure slip-resistant element of the edgings. Stair edgings also contrast the surrounding floorcoverings and this visual contrast help preventing accidents.
  • Every entrance is a subject to a great volume of foot traffic – students and staff enter and exit the building at least twice a day, considering lunch breaks. A London flooring company points out that the lifecycle of flooring can be dramatically reduced by tracking moisture, dirt and mud from the outside, not speaking of the appearance of the floor. If a suitable matting is installed, it will minimise the walked-in moisture and dirt. This simply means that the maintenance expenses will be reduced and the longevity of surrounding floorcoverings will be improved. Primary barrier matting is appropriate for both interior and exterior entrances and in combination with secondary barrier matting, they provide great durability and performance benefits. London flooring experts say that secondary barriers can also be installed in areas such as staircases, corridors, vending areas and canteens to reduce the soiling.

Specifying the right London flooring solutions can play a vital role when safe, functional and low-maintenance educational establishments are to be created.

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