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Should We Put Down Oak For a While?

The Flooring Group is here to share you a very interesting topic today. We have discussed with our London Flooring partners and other London flooring specialists in the field about the materials that are being massively demanded, produced and used in the flooring industry. We have recently attended a conference and this topic was brought up to us. “Where did all the exotic wood species gone to, like Muhuhu, Danta and other timbers? Are they about to go extinct or simply isn’t there a market for them anymore?” they asked. Let’s find out what happened in the last few years and why did the industry had to suffer this drop in variety in terms of materials.

Our readers know how often we consider the flooring industry as an ever-growing and constantly improving one, however there weren’t any improvements brought in lately. In fact there is a huge loss in abundance of different woods in the market since 2014, some woods with better qualities, such as water, wear-resistance and durability are simply excluded and not offered by the major companies. Manufacturers, installers and customers are offered only oak stripping them from any innovative ideas. Muhuhu wood is exotic and only good for decorating but where are the standard materials that were basically everywhere before, common wood like maple, ash and beech?

The statistics have shown that a mind-blowing 80% of all hardwood flooring that was being sold during the last 7 years consisted of oak. It’s not like the hardwood trade restricted other species to be sold, quite the contrary they are willing to sell but the demand for other materials than oak is just insignificant and completely unbeneficial for them.

There are more than hundred species suitable to become a nice floor surface with way superior characteristics than oak, providing long-livity, comfort and overall a new and unique solution for your household. The Flooring Group is here to spread the word and of course make the step in the right direction. You can see our products on sight in one of our London flooring shops we are happy to present you cocoa, cork, bamboo floors and so much more, an abundance to explore. Visit our London showrooms, you won’t be disappointed!

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