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Silence Is Golden For A Reason

It is proven that if a learning environment is well-designed it can drastically improve the pupils’ performance. London flooring experts say that the vital role in this scenario is played by the noise reduction properties of the London flooring. After a report made in 2015, it was stated that an average university includes about 100,000sq m flooring and even little noises are detected – every time someone drops their bag, moves a chair or walks it impacts the sound. So how London flooring contractors can diffuse excess sound to an adequate, sufficient level?

  • An important aspect, that London flooring professionals point out and say it should not be neglected, is the installation of acoustic floorcovering that will minimise the noise pollution within the educational building. This will not only help impact the sound reduction in the school or university but it will reduce in-room noise impact, too.
  • What is impact sound reduction? London flooring experts say it is the measurement of the contribution that the floorcovering makes to the reduction of sound which is transmitted through the flooring from one room to the floors underneath.
  • What is in-room impact noise? It is a comparative measurement of the contribution which different floorcoverings could make to reduce the surrounding noise that is generated in a room. If the ambient noise is at high levels, it can have a significant effect in the learning environment – flooring contractors in London state that reducing the noise is of critical importance in order not to decrease pupils` concentration levels.
  • London flooring contractors must assess the noise generated in the educational building so they can determine the suitable type of floorcovering that should be installed. For example, in classrooms and meeting rooms where people hold discussions, a reputable London flooring company says that carpet tiles are the perfect London flooring solution as they will provide high-impact sound reduction together with aesthetically pleasing environment. In spaces like break out areas and corridors the floorcovering has to offer impact sound reduction of up to 20 dB – it also has to be durable and easy to maintain. In areas where resilient London flooring is needed, London flooring contractors should consider an acoustic vinyl sheet London flooring as it is perfect for achieving an impact sound reduction.

Fortunately, there are many respectable manufacturers that are able to help London flooring contractors when specifying acoustic flooring. Provided that, installing the correct flooring will have a significant positive impact on the overall wellbeing and concentration of staff and pupils in an educational building.

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