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Size Does Matter In Flooring

It is a common scenario for London flooring contractors to have a job too big for hand application too small to pump when applying smoothing compounds. If the job is small it can be easily done by a single person or a gang that will mix the smoothing compound in a bucket using a mechanical mixer – it is a proven method and it is a piece of cake compared to ‘stick and bucket’ technique that was used last year by London flooring contractors.

  • In order to provide smooth flooring, a spiked roller and trowel are typically used. When a specific thickness needs to be achieved a pin rake might be used. However, when the project is larger and the area is open, it can`t be done by hand or it may take way too long to carry out the whole process. An important thing to note which London flooring experts point out is that if done by hand, extensive rubbing down must be done where wet edges have not been maintained. Why is that essential? As it must ensure that the adjacent mixes of the compound mix well and therefore a good integral finish is achieved.
  • How did the market react to this issue? With pumping machines – they achieve a high-quality finished flooring. This equipment can efficiently mix water and powder in a chamber before the mixture is fed along a hose to an outlet that is being moved across the flooring to deposit the product. After that a pin rake or spike roller may are typically used to finish. Where`s the catch? The use of such a machine requires a technical understanding so every London flooring contractor must be prepared. If you are not acquainted with the use of a pumping machine, better seek professional help as otherwise you may end up with blocked hoses and over-watered products.
  • An important thing to mention is when a job becomes appropriate for pumping. Let our London flooring specialists to explain – it is a matter of size determined by square metre per day but along with that the location is considered too. But there is still an issue – what about the jobs that fall in between hand and pump application? Fortunately, machinery manufacturers have created appropriate solution which can mix up multiple units of smoothing compounds in one vessel so it can be moved without hassle to the place of pouring on the given London flooring. The advantages of these machines include less time spent on mixing and reduction in manual handling of the product. They come in various shapes and sizes and vary from high-quality machines on buggies with incredible safety features to stations that hold a standard mixer. They are designed to provide ease of use. As for the size, they can fit in a small van.

What do you think? You should totally give this equipment a try! London flooring professionals highly encourage their adoption in everyday work – save time, money and efforts and achieve high-quality results every time!

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