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Smooth Underlayment In The Spotlight

Some floor installations may be problematic for London flooring contractors as they are faced with the everyday struggle to remove adhesive residues. These debris can include carpet tile tackifiers and bitumen which are firmly bonded to the subfloor and leave residues on the surface when flooring professionals remove the old floorcovering. Before installing a new product London flooring experts advise to remove contaminants and residues to ensure that a good bond is achieved – this process often requires mechanical preparation of the subfloor by scabbling or grit-blasting. On larger projects the whole procedure can be costly and time-consuming but fortunately there is an alternative available. This option is appropriate for the installations that are subject to challenging subfloor quality or tight timescales.

  • Let’s begin with challenging subfloors – usually when a smoothing underlayment is applied over an old adhesive residue it does not guarantee a durable and professional finish. This can be due to the fact that the strength of the underlayment in combination with the initial shrinkage and expansion can cause the softer residue to debond from the subfloor. London flooring professionals warn that this may cause the entire installation to lift and crack leading to a complete flooring failure. When an experienced London flooring contractor is looking for a successful and efficient flooring installation, without the residue removal issues, to opt for a smoothing underlayment is the best solution to this problem.
  • There’s a high performance option of a smoothing underlayment that is specifically developed to provide London flooring contractors with a professional and efficient solution to this flooring problems. The application of this product can be done directly over firmly bonded adhesive residues with no need of priming or mechanical removal. The product combines fast-drying and setting characteristics with affordable alternative to other options that are available on the market – formulated for London flooring experts this product guarantees a quality finish. Thanks to its properties this product will considerably reduce the time spent on site by the flooring contractors.

In the modern flooring installation products that are time-saving and overcome problems efficiently are essential. Developing this product that combines fast-drying and eliminates the need of removing residue contamination guarantees successful high-quality finish for every London flooring contractor.

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