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Smoothness Is Achievable!

Many London flooring contractors often face the problem of removing adhesive residues. However, there is a quick and professional answer to this issue. This week we will have a look at the subject of overcoming residue contaminated subfloors. Removing carpet tile tackifiers and bitumen is difficult because they are firmly bonded to the subfloors and getting rid of the residue that is left is an overwhelming task. Why it is so important to remove them? Flooring professionals in London point out that in order to achieve a good bond between the new product and the subfloor any contaminants should be precisely cleared away. Usually a mechanical preparation is required – methods such as scabbling and grit-blasting are used. Unfortunately, this process is time-consuming and expensive especially when we are talking about large London flooring projects. The good news is that an alternative was found for these installations that are subjected to challenging subfloor quality and deadlines.

  • In general applying smoothing underlayment over old adhesive residues is not recommended as the finish won’t be durable. London flooring contractors explain that due to the initial shrinkage and expansion combined with the strength of the underlayment, the residue may debond from the subfloor. This leads to the whole installation lifting and cracking which results in total failure of the London flooring. When contractors look for a professional London flooring installation, the perfect choice is to specify a smoothing underlayment that can accommodate this issue without the hassle of removing old residues.
  • What is the high-performance alternative? For this specific purpose a professional London flooring solution was developed. It is easy to use and the most important aspect – it can be applied unfilled directly on the flooring even on bonded adhesive residue with no need of priming or mechanical removal. It is specially formulated for London flooring contractors – combining fast-drying and setting characteristics with a reasonable cost compared to the other available on the market. It provides high-quality finish – the product can remarkably decrease the time spent on site by the London flooring professionals.

Products like this are highly desirable in contemporary London flooring installations. They guarantee a professional finish and overcome the challenge of adhesive residue contamination. London flooring contractors are provided with the benefits of saving time and efforts and can achieve flawless high-quality finish with no hassle.

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