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Solid Hardwood Floors Are Healthier Than Carpets

London flooring contractors claim, that there are numerous customers who are not aware, that the type of the flooring they select is of great importance. It influences on the air quality in the premises. There are certain flooring solutions, that deliver the perfect breeding ground for allergens, pathogens and dust. Here are more details:

  • London flooring experts say that when it comes to allergies and asthma, carpet is the worst option, while the best choice would be wooden flooring. It’s proven, that rugs which are not hoovered on regular basis contain 100 times more allergens compared to hard floors. London flooring contractors know that 1sq m of carpet brings up to 100,000 dust mites. Carpets contain so much mould, pollen and pet dander.
  • London flooring specialists are convinced, that solid London flooring solutions are much better than carpets when it comes to microbes. Solid floorings have great advantage because they don’t provide good environment for bacteria to settle and hide.
  • Every London flooring company will tell you, that there are some flooring types, that are potentially dangerous. For instance, customers should keep in mind, that vinyl flooring is commonly treated with chemicals which stay there even after the installation procedure. This can’t be avoided, because this is part of the manufacturing process. Consequent vapors may irritate allergy and asthma sufferers. Therefore London flooring contractors advise to ensure allergy-free and natural treatments if it’s possible. In case people are in contact with hazardous pollutants and chemicals from early age, they can develop asthma and allergies later.
  • London flooring specialists recommend hardwood floors as the safest and allergen friendly option, available on the market. Besides the great natural appearance, the solid hardwood surface does not contain dangerous chemicals and does not retain allergens.

After the installation, London flooring contractors recommend to use natural wood finish. Thus the air and the floor will be clean and protected.

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