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Sound Out Residential Flooring

In residential environments, London flooring specialists point out the nuisance noise is typically more bothersome when it comes from rooms above to spaces below. Sound travels from one dwelling to another – that inevitably happens. But what can be done is to provide properties with suitable London flooring solutions. When speaking of buildings with multi-storey apartments and more flats, things get worse. Some older dwellings are turned into multi-occupancy premises and levels of noise are even higher. Another reason for higher levels of disturbance and noise is caused by the fact that many homeowners prefer installing hard London flooring like stone, wood and wood laminates over cushioned London flooring or carpeting.

  • London flooring experts explain that impact sound transmission is a form of structure-borne sound as a result of the impact of an object to another, therefore generating sound transmission. A clear example of that is the sound of footsteps. How are sound insulation levels measured? A decibel scale is used and for more precise measurements are made using logarithmic units for impact and airborne sound.
  • London flooring professionals state that the pioneering manufacturers of vinyl flooring have introduced residential acoustic vinyls that meet the needs and sound insulation levels efficiently. These London flooring solutions are playing an essential role in minimising the impact sound in both public and private sector. London flooring experts explain that acoustic residential floorings mimics stone, wood and wood laminate floorings and in the same time they provide a more practical and quieter flooring solution.
  • A reputable flooring company in London point out that acoustic floorings will help achieve performance requirements of the UK’s Building Regulations 2003. These regulations set the minimum standard for impact sound insulation. The difference that should be noted is that when comparing cushioned vinyls with laminate floors, we can see that the latter rely on underlay to provide the insulation while the first has integrated textile-backed systems and foam backing systems which mean that they rely on their built-in properties. Typically, the more effective and thicker the textile-backing system is, the more thermally-efficient and sound-absorbent the London flooring will be.
  • Where both slip resistance and sound insulation are essential, there are some high-quality acoustic foam- and textile-backed residential vinyl London flooring that meets the requirements. London flooring specialists also mention that some new wood-effect interlocking click and lock system London vinyl flooring provides a quieter alternative to wood, wood laminate and LVT.

To conclude, high-performing, cushioned acoustic residential vinyl London flooring is easy to maintain as well as waterproof and slip-resistant which makes it the perfect flooring solution. Manufacturers keep investing in new technologies and innovations which will be able to meet the demands and challenges ahead for residential London flooring.

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