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Sponsorship and Courses

In this article, our London flooring professionals will talk about the impact of sponsorship on the new training courses. The support by the suppliers, London flooring contractors and manufacturers plays a vital role when speaking of securing sponsorship. In order to maintain and develop new courses and promote better quality. Fortunately, supporters and sponsors are very pleased with the idea improving the sector and show strong commitment to invest in training. You will learn a little bit more information about the following courses below as special attention is paid to carpet fitting ones. Most of them will start in September:

  • Naturals (stairs included) – a 2-day course
  • Borders – a 2-day course
  • Stairs / Joins (repairs) – 1-day workshop
  • Advanced Carpet Course – a 3-day course
  • Stretching techniques – 1-day workshop
  • Hand Sewn Bullnose/ Double Bullnose – 1-day workshop

You can find more details about them on the official website of Fita. Fita thanks all of the sponsors for the significant support. In order to be competitive on the market every London flooring specialist must be aware of the latest developments and trends. Having the right set of skills is of significant importance for every specialist in the industry.

Flooring contractors in London should take their time to provide the necessary training to the people in the flooring sector so the skills gown and the sponsor support is increased. Trainings allow the manufacturers to influence many professionals and they are totally worth the investment. Important thing to note is that the tools and materials will also be provided by the sponsors. Don’t forget to check the upcoming courses and encourage more people to attend them.

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