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Successful Exhibition? Mission Possible.

In this article, we will discuss an important aspect of having successful business – what you should you know when you consider having an exhibition. There are some basic rules you should follow in order to maximise a profitable return on the cost and effort. If you adopt some sensible rules, we promise you that your next exhibition will bring a profitable return on the cost and effort. London flooring contractors say that despite the ability to view, source and learn about products online, there is still a demand to “see and touch” them in the flesh. As exhibitions are a significant part of your marketing spend so every London flooring company should make sure that the investment is returned.

  • One of the first things you should know before you start exhibition planning is to target the right audience. An exhibition has to prove to be relevant to the audience. It definitely is a challenge to attract specifiers, architects and other main decision-makers out of the office but a successful exhibition can be remarkably effective. Exhibitions are a partnership between the exhibitor and the organiser.
  • You should have clear objectives as otherwise the exhibitions would be a waste of money. For example, some objectives can be: Market research; Direct sales; Increase awareness of product offer, etc. They should be sensible, realistic, smart and time specific.
  • You should consider appropriate ways of categorising and qualifying the information as it is captured. Some of the things that London flooring contractors say you should definitely take into account are: company type (retailer, developer, architect, installer); contact details; decision-maker; live project; product interest; existing customer; follow up action required (samples/quote/brochures/visit); action timescale, etc.
  • When you are planning your exhibition you should ensure that you have a follow-up plan. Leads that are captured electronically can be easily imported into your own management system. If you don’t have any integrated systems in exchange for a small monthly fee you can you a contact management system that can manage information for you efficiently. You can group contacts, schedule calls and appointments and organise other actions by letter or email. London flooring experts say that your new contacts almost certainly have spoken to your competitors, so how you respond is of crucial importance. Keeping your contacts up-to-date and providing them with e-news is necessary, too.

To conclude, we should say that exhibitions are a huge investment but if they are planned and managed correctly, you will be able to maximise a profitable return on your cost and effort!

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