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Tape Fixes Everything!

The Flooring Group presents you a key ingredient to secure the longevity of your household carpets. “There is absolutely no point in investing a lot in a quality product if it is poorly installed.”, our London flooring professionals say. As easy as it looks, it’s best to call a carpet specialist rather than risking it without much profit. We are here to share the most common mistakes and the crucial things, one must pay most attention to while performing this job.

What is seaming tape and how does it work?
It is a tape, which is placed between the surface of the floor and the covering. It’s purpose is to secure two separate pieces of carpet, providing a steady bond between them and denying the risk of them to come off and curl on the tips.

Our London flooring experts are happy to provide some insight for the enthusiasts who want to take on this job by themselves.

  • Watch out for that extra length of the carpet, if you leave them a bit bigger than it is supposed to it can easily come off, as only one of the pieces will stick to the tape. Make sure it is the right size, measure it a couple of times before proceeding.
  • Heating the tape to achieve optimal results. If you haven’t applied enough heat the adhesive might not work as well, make sure that it is visible before putting the carpet on.
  • Make sure you apply the tape in separate straight lines.
  • Always put weights on the recently jointed parts throughout the process, just to secure them properly.

If you have followed our short guide, you shouldn’t have performed too bad, but it might’ve cost you some time and nerve, as it is a ‘sticky job’. We suggest looking for a quality product, don’t pick the stickiest one but the one that is going to endure just enough. Look for the ones with pinked edges, they make it much easier to install or just let the installing company or the company you have purchased the carpet from choose them for you. The Flooring Group is always happy to provide some useful information, making our lives easier.