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Tarkett And Their Endless Design Possibilities for Shops & Stores

TARKETT flooring products are designed to create healthier, safer and more inspiring retail spaces. The company ethos is – “Striking design options for every space”, as their flooring range is designed to suit any retail application – shop windows, sales areas and display corners, pop-up stores, restaurant floors, fitting rooms, storage and more. The personalised flooring options, in return help, create spaces that strengthen brand positioning and is used to strategically drive traffic across stores or direct customers to specific locations.


Tarkett’s new LVT collection – “iD Mixonomi” is the foundation of the concept of the ‘Floor is the new Playground. It offers architects and designers unparalleled opportunities to have fun creating expressive designs across the floor. There are 33 colours within the collection. This outstanding palette of has been developed by the international colour expert agency Peclers. It features inspired by travel array of hues; calm and cosy colourways typically associated with Scandinavian boutique hotels; bold accents as the meandering alleyways of an Indian tea market; sumptuous shades reflected in the Tuscan pastry shop windows and many more.


Absolutely and equally compelling are the innovative patterns and shapes in this iD Mixonomi collection. Subtle patterns and shapes can be combined and work perfectly with Tarkett’s existing iD Inspiration standard plank and tile shapes. According to Florian Bougault,  the art director, Tarkett stores & shops, this is an ambitious collection and a real gamechanger for modular vinyl flooring. It possesses what everyone has been waiting for – authenticity and celebration of endless opportunities.


Among iD Mixonomi’s functional benefits are low VOCs – for better indoor air quality; manufactured using free of phthalate technology; TOPCLEAN XP PUR reinforcement – a tough and very hardwearing surface.


Tarkett insists that a good project starts by selecting the right product. That is why taking into account design and technical requirements along with ongoing maintenance and future renovation are the secret.