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The Advantages Of Flexible Smoothing Underlayments

An interesting topic on which London flooring experts will give us advice is about flexible smoothing underlayments. Few underlayments are able to flex due to their fiber-strengthening properties and can accommodate the potential shift or motion of some substrates, counting plywood.

As we are not London flooring professionals, it is not that obvious for us that several environments should necessarily be provided with flexibility in their flooring installation. These include factories and offices that are on a mezzanine level with a substrate made of steel.

Some of the following reasons why we are advised to consider flexibility floor installation are explained by London flooring contractors and we should take their professional experience in mind.

  • Preferably, a call center floor consists of panels that are made of steel chipboard. London flooring professionals say that if a universal smoothing underlayment is installed over these sub-floors, it is more likely for them to be damaged because they are classified as semi-flexible substrates. They may crack or break due to a movement as a consequence of a changes in the moisture, temperature or traffic.
  • If any kind of cracking occurs, it menaces the longstanding decency and diligent appearance of a finished floor resulting in expensive repair work. This is why London flooring contractors should check the levels of moisture and priming stages before the installation of an appropriate flexible smoothing underlayment.
  • Flexible smoothing underlayments make use of the most modern cement technology to resist the potential movement inward a semi-flexible sub-floor and they are strong enough to prevent any crackings. London flooring experts explain that the product is able to flex because of the high polymer to cement ratio in the formation and because they are strengthen with acrylic fibers. These features support the flexibility, making this underlayment a stable base during the lifespan of a floor-covering.
  • During some refurbishment projects, London flooring contractors may be requested to lay a new floor-covering over an already existing wooden floor. This results in the installation of a flooring-grade plywood overlay to build a smooth surface.
  • To create a flawless surface a London flooring company recommends to fix securely raised access panels before the appliance of any flooring preparation products.
  • London flooring contractors may work with steel subfloors when executing projects on marine vessels, usually fitting new floor-coverings onto decking. In similar cases, it is important that the products which are used during marine installations meet the proper standards, for instance set by International Marine Organisation.
  • Sub-floor preparation product manufacturers know that London flooring contractors are usually under pressure because they should complete their installations in accordance with strict deadlines. There are some flexible smoothing underlayments that are ready for the flexible floor-covering installation within three hours after the application.

To assure the best results when working on a task involving a semi-flexible substrate, for example plywood, choose London flooring professionals.

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