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The Appropriate Adhesive Is Essential For Successful Flooring Projects

Experts in every London flooring company will tell you, that the market is flooded with various types of adhesives. It’s very important that London flooring contractors choose the appropriate adhesive for every project. This is not an easy task. Here are more details:

  • Diligent London flooring specialists always rely on the proper adhesive in order to save time and to guarantee long lasting results for customers.
  • Sometimes London flooring experts use general purpose adhesives. The typical feature for all of them is that they are compatible with most of the floorcoverings available on the market. London flooring contractors may use these adhesives to secure a wide range of flooring solutions.
  • In case London flooring specialists select the wrong adhesive, there is a big risk to admit a costly mistake. It’s pretty clear that every new flooring project provides different challenges and opportunities.
  • As a result of the competition between London flooring contractors and the tight deadlines for finishing the projects, experts often use fast-track adhesives. For instance fast-track vinyl adhesives are often applied when it comes to installing sheet vinyl and tile floorcoverings. Every London flooring company will give you information, that thanks to the strong initial grab of these adhesives, the downtime of the area is minimised and early flooring installation becomes possible.
  • Some London flooring solutions require high temperature adhesives. As a result of temperature fluctuations and extreme temperatures, these adhesives are quite necessary. In such conditions traditional adhesives may lead to dimensional instability and shrinkage of the floor. The London flooring may even move and gaps that threaten the long-term performance may appear.
  • London flooring contractors should be aware, that significant temperature fluctuations may be caused by floor-to-ceiling windows, which have the ability to promote sunlight levels. Therefore, heat resistant adhesives are quite necessary in these situations.
  • Another widespread type of adhesives are high temperature vinyl adhesives, that are water-based. They are characterized with high dimensional stability and for this reason London flooring specialists use them in heavily glazed areas, such as conservatories and offices. These water based adhesives dry fast and provide easy and quick flooring installation.
  • London flooring experts explain that in spaces where machinery and electronic equipment will be used, it’s possible that electrostatic discharge can damage fragile electronic equipment. All that could provoke even a danger of fire. Therefore anti-static adhesives should be used in such cases. London flooring contractors are advised to apply an anti-static acrylic adhesive in order to ensure safe usage of electronic equipment and machinery. This adhesive is specially designed for application in conductive floor installations. London flooring specialists know that these fibre filled conductive adhesives which are solvent free, provide strong initial tack, high bond strength, great plasticiser resistance and long open time.
  • When it comes to outdoor flooring projects, professional London flooring contractors are aware that those general purpose adhesives are not appropriate. They are not meant to withstand the extreme conditions. Only a special adhesive formulated for outdoor use should be used for external floorcoverings – for example, synthetic grass carpets and walkways. Good London flooring experts know that polyurethane adhesives are perfect for outdoor usage. Actually, once cured, this adhesive becomes resistant to oil, grease and water.

London flooring specialists conclude that providing high quality and aesthetic floor finish is achievable only by choosing the right type of adhesive for the definite environment. In order to guarantee flawless final results, complying with the recommendations of manufacturer is mandatory.

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