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The Best Ways To Raise The Floor Levels

There are a lot of reasons why the level of new and existing floors needs to be raised before a floor-covering is installed. London flooring specialists are happy to announce that some of the latest deep base leveling compounds make the process of raising floor levels done quickly and easily. However, there are specific cases that only London flooring professionals can handle – for example, when it concerns building extensions it is necessary to create a seamless continuation from a particular room to another which sometimes means that a floor should be raised by few centimetres. Another common case that London flooring experts have to deal with is filling a gap that has been left after an existing wall has been removed – before placing a floor-covering, the gap should be filled in order to level the height with the existing.

  • London flooring contractors traditionally have used standard concrete to raise the floor levels. However, it is a time-consuming process by reason of the extended drying times of the concrete. Concrete dries at the slow rate of 1mm up to a thickness of 50mm per day. Thicker levels may take even longer time to dry in a sufficient way. This means that using a concrete can leave London flooring professionals unable to continue their work right away and the installation can take up to several weeks. A common mistake that some floor-layers are tempted to do is to apply smoothing underlayments with a thickness greater than recommended. However, a respected London flooring company warns that this should be avoided at all times as this will inevitably lead to vulnerability of the material and some crack would appear on the surface which will only cause costly remedial action at a later point.
  • Instead of taking the risk of dealing with unsatisfied customers and additional future costs, London flooring contractors should specify the legitimate products at the beginning of the project that will ensure the new floor has a durable finish. Formerly, the alternative solution for this was to raise the sub-floor in stages by multiple applications of all-purpose smoothing underlayments. However, flooring specialists in London point out this also results in significantly increased drying times.
  • London flooring contractors can lose a lot of time and money if repeat visits are required on site to supervise the drying process. An experienced flooring company in London says that a better and more dependable option is to use specialised deep-base leveling compounds. The development in smoothing underlayment technologies means that now it is possible to raise a sub-floor by thicknesses between 5mm to 50mm just in a single application which is a huge relief for the flooring experts in London. These high-performance deep-base products are appropriate for light and heavy-duty applications. As they can be pump-applied this makes them the best solution for large areas and renovation projects. London flooring specialists state that the best among these products will promote fast-drying cement technologies which means that floor smoothing underlayments can be placed over for about 90 minutes. This would allow the flooring projects to continue almost instantly and efficiently and completion of London flooring services would be done in time and professional manner.

Flooring installations that involve different levels of flooring and need to be raised used to be considered difficult and inconvenient in the past but the progress in London high-quality flooring technology means that these projects can now be accomplished quickly and effectively often within a day.

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