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The Better New Standard For Overlayment Plywood

There is a newly-published British Standard (BS 8203:2017) concerning overlay plywood and today our London flooring professionals will discuss the code of practice for installation of resilient floor coverings. It is of great importance for the flooring industry as for the first time there is a guidance of Contract Flooring Association included as a “normative reference” about overlay plywood. In other words, this means that anyone that works in accordance with the new version of the standard must use a plywood for overlayment which meets the guidance criteria.

  • London flooring specialists are more than happy as they say that hopefully the days of using uncertified plywood will be gone. As s reason of this ‘bad’ plywood in the market, the guidelines were revised and the issues related with the cheap material (which usually comes from places such as China) are solved.
  • These guidelines promote better plywoods – soon the market will be able to meet the needs of the guidance that has enhanced specification requirements. London flooring contractors are positive that soon more and more better-quality plywood will come along. The flooring industry will greatly benefit from this change as the complaints related to cheap products will dramatically decrease.

As the requirements will be stricter, the price naturally will be higher but this will save the hassle related to ‘doing it on the cheap’ – usually this turn into ‘buying cheap means buying twice’. Finding the balance between quality and a sensible market price is essential – in this way the installations will be better and the customers will be satisfied – this standard can only be a good thing for the industry as a whole! So follow the requirements of BS 8207 and get the right price for the right material!

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