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Commercial Flooring News

The Colour Of 2018 Embraced By Flooring Companies

Earlier this year the Pantone has announced the colour of 2018 which is “Ultra Violet”. And not long after the flooring industry has started to incorporate this by showing Ultraviolet products and accessories. The purple shade is promoted as а synonym to luxury, imagination and creativity. The colour brings notes of originality and grandeur to every premise.

Contemporary visionary companies have already developed their own take on the violet and lilac colour and incorporated them in their products. Whether it is just a simple accent or a major shade explossure – the floor will not go unnoticed. This colour in all its variations comes as a perfect fit for the turbulent year we are heading toward. The UltraViolet is also a hint at a possible artistic renaissance. The shade carries inexplicable mood and spirituality often linked to famine causes.

The social meaning aside, the violet is a cool colour and that celestial purple shade evokes creative expression and has mystical qualities. As of lately, the colour has been associated with the royal family and more recently of the late Prince and his eternal “Purple rain”. The eclectic style of the singer has been an inspiration to millions of followers and the shade his symbol.

The magic in the shade can easily transform a room into a something exceptional and out of the ordinary. The drama with this shade cannot be eluded and can be incorporated even as a subtle nuance.

Carpet tiles and vinyl prints on the market are already setting the trend for next year. And The Flooring Group has it all from the top suppliers. We will make everything possible to keep you in the current style with expert advice and high-quality products.