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The Evolution Of Social Media And How It Affects Flooring

Networking became popular only about 10 years ago and till then it was not popular to speak online not only about flooring but also different trades. It seems to be a positive change as this was a means of communication through which flooring professionals were able to share experience and chat about their latest flooring installations. Forums are still a widespread way of expanding your knowledge on a particular topic. It’s not a surprise that it is very convenient for many London flooring professionals to share their opinion and give and receive tips from fellow floorlayers. In fact a distinguished flooring expert shared his experience with running a forum and in this article you will learn his story of providing the right conditions for creating a helpful forum.

  • To begin with, when our protagonist started running a flooring advice forum it was the first one in the UK. He found it randomly and liked the idea of running it as it seemed that the forum was neglected and forgotten about. So, he did a little research to find who owned it. The owner of the company that once had created the forum explained that the forum is free so our London flooring specialist must do it for free if he really wants to give information and advice. This was not a problem and the experts agreed to do so.
  • After a couple of days the forum started to flourish – the flooring professional started pictures, diagrams and advice and the forum seemed to run good. New members joined every day – they would post and give advice as well so the forum become a nice place with nice people sharing London flooring experience and advice. The flooring expert that had the will and time to invest in reviving this forum shared that after a couple of years the forum was so popular that it absorbed most of his free time. Meets were also arranged at The Flooring Show every year so the forum was in fact really successful.
  • We all know that Facebook quickly become very popular and many people preferred it rather than browsing in forums – there were several flooring groups and pages. Our flooring specialist in London decided to ask at one of the meetings of NICF whether he could open a Facebook page to promote the institute and help other flooring professionals with advice. The page is now run by council members of NICF and is running pretty good.
  • After some more time another social media become popular – Tweeter. London flooring contractors point out that many fitters, manufacturers and traders used it to advertise their business. Once again the main character in our article asked whether he could open a Twitter page for the NICF and they approved the idea once again. Over the years the forum got less members that visit and post because Twitter and Facebook are now way more popular. It`s easy to operate the pages on these social medias as anyone can add new members to the group.
  • However, like any other aspect of life social medias have their cons, too. There is too much arguing on these pages and disputes arise on a daily basis. A good example is the judgemental behaviour of some people – they would zoom in and find some flaws of a fellow London flooring fitter and this definitely doesn`t inspire him with confidence. Of course, we should always look at the bright side of life – most of the groups are helpful and handy for flooring professionals. You can gain work, get assistance and socialise there. An advice from London flooring experts is not to disrespect the work of fitters – we all make mistakes. There is always a friendly way of explaining that a job can be done better and more efficiently. In such groups you can also see new methods and tools and take advantage of that.

To conclude we should say that using social media is a good way of promoting your business, sharing experience and getting relevant advice. Make the best use of it and London flooring specialists will be happy to help!

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