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The Floor To Have When You Sale

If you ever remodelled a house you know it is a totally and completely overwhelming process. There are so many decisions to make: floor, paint, then counters and cabinets, and lighting…..the list goes on! But you have to consider also the return on investment. Alternately, flipping the house means to be looking for the cheapest option with the best resale value.

What flooring typically yields the highest resale value?
Hardwood or stone floorings are always in demand. If those are unaffordable, simply go for looks and durability of porcelain tile or engineered hardwood. Middle-class customers love the look, durability and easy care.

What flooring typically yields the lowest resale value?
Carpet is the answer. However, it usually shows wear and tear more quickly than hard flooring. Vinyl is another material that people turn to but will typically render very little on return on investment.

In terms of trendiness, no one can predict the rise in fashion trends or lack of such, so it will be best to rely on the classic vibes with a bit of personal touch elsewhere – like the interior design, furniture choice or wall paint colour.

The flooring colour palette tends to gravitate towards neutral and cooler shades, so it will be good to rely on this as a starting point. Also, a vital point is to have a flooring consistency throughout the whole property. This proves to be more appealing to potential buyers and raise the resale value.

When it comes down to finishes – the glossy and shiny touches are stealing the show as they provide a classy high-profile look to the property.

Whatever the choice – one thing is certain – you must love it yourself, so believe in your own tastes and inclinations.