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Commercial Flooring News

The Future Of Flooring

In the beginning of next year in Hanover, Germany students and artists will explore the world of floor coverings and the largest trade fair DOMOTEX 2018. It will be held from 12th to 15th January hosting numerous exhibitions to showcase the latest trends and technologies in the industry. The title of the event is “Unique Youniverse”, reflecting the growing individualisation in design and strive to explore new avenues. The collaborations of producers and creatives will help businesses gain new and unexplored perspectives.

In HALL 9 will be the Framing Trends featuring a tactile rug named Fairkorkt. It was designed by fellow Hanover University students Johanna Kolb and Sarah Gerner. Its unique two-sided, loosely stitched structure composes of cork and felt. It changes appearance with each step and visibly reveals its texture in every footprint.

In the NuThinkers exhibition in another hall, innovative durable floor surface is displayed. It is created by a student again and combines natural scraps such as old leaves and spruce needles. The process of creation is very similar to that of fibreboard making, but with modern resins and materials of organic diversity.

In addition to the new designers, well-established studios will be showcasing their creations as well. Trusted names such as Classen Group, Nomas Studio Amini ABC Italia, MA Trading Company, Tisca Tischhauser, Fletco Carpets etc. DOMOTEX will also present series of talks and discussions along the way, featuring renowned speakers like Werner Aisslinger and Jurgen Mayer H.

This trade fair will provide both intellectual and physical atmosphere for creative expression. As it is a holistic design experience, it will be placing visitors in the crossroads of many disciplines, while simultaneously offering a glimpse into the present and future of the floor covering industry.