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The Importance of Underlays: Short Guide

The Flooring Group is happy to provide some insight on underlays and a short guide to picking the right one for your home as well as for a commercial enterprise. Before we get into that, it is good first to know why is picking the right underlay a crucial decision in carpet installing.

What do we seek in a good carpet underlay?

  • To be easy to install
  • To provide adequate protection and durability
  • To enhance the feel of the product

Our London flooring experts always say that if you are on a tight budget it is best to invest more in proper underlay rather than purchasing an expensive carpet. The underlay can extend the life of the carpet, as well as improve the overall feel and quality.

After a survey among London flooring contractors and other fellow companies based in the UK, the Polyurethane Foam tends to dominate the market with it’s light weight and conveniently modifiable abilities. Companies prefer Polyurethane Foam rolls, as it is easy to carve and insist on working with it, but we consider that to not be healthy for the industry.

Luckily there is a rival on the market slowly making a grand comeback, environmentally-friendly material with similar qualities – Envirolay. What does it consist of, you may ask.

It is produced of reprocessed waste, which blends well with jute, polyester and wool fibres producing underlay with different characteristics to fit well for market’s demands. It is made only from natural fibres, which means that it’s bio-degradable, unlike the Polyurethane Foam. The product passed all the tests and has the necessary requirements to perform just as good, if not better. It’s design ensures longevity and London Flooring professionals highly recommend it’s application in commercial buildings with high traffic areas, such as hotels and large stores in which taking a day to replace the underlay might influence company’s finances significantly.

Here are some of the variations of Envirolay:

  • Wool felt – the classic option for commercial properties, hardwearing, made out of 100% natural fibres and provides excellent isolation
  • Felt/rubber – perfect option for areas with heavy furniture and frequent movement, combines all the benefits of the original with additional rubber layer on the back for maximum support and evens out floors
  • Higher density underlays – added protection and firmness, preventing vertical movement and rucking
  • Softer foam underlays – Thicker and softer underlay allows distortion and carpet adjustments

Hopefully The Flooring Group has encouraged more companies and customers to insist on eco-friendly products. Feel free to visit our London flooring stores, our helpful staff will be glad to assist and guide you towards the optimal products.