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Commercial Flooring News

The Multi-purpose Homes

Nowadays the home design trends have real staying power and predict what the future of residential builds would look like.

No boundaries but open-plan living

As the demand for multifunctional homes continues to grow, interior designers are convinced that this contemporary approach to communal living will make a long stand. This means that the formal dining is being replaced with practical living spaces that can facilitate the seemingly endless multitasking.

Preparing for the seasons

It has become increasingly important for homes to be built in a way as to provide comfort whatever the weather. From eco-friendly underfloor heating systems to cavity wall insulation, the homes remain warm during the harsher winters. Similarly, porcelain and marble kitchen tiles boast are welcoming cooling properties with which homeowners can feel the full benefit of the shade after heading indoors.

Home offices

As more and more homeowners are already working remotely on a regular basis, the numbers are only expected to rise in the future. Recently Brits are choosing to work from home – meaning that the home office is fast becoming an essential requirement. Instead of sacrificing a section of an additional bedroom, the strategically designed multi-purpose homes will include a special room used solely for business purposes.

Caring for the planet

The ever-growing concerns surrounding human impact on the environment, the need for using sustainable and high-quality materials is always increasing. Implementing innovative heating technologies and using renewable resources is essential in a property’s construction

As communities, climates, and consumer demand continue to change there can be no denying of the need for homes which are dynamic and multifunctional enough to serve a broad variety of purposes.