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Commercial Flooring News

The Need For Screed

The Flooring Group Ltd realised that the “Need for Speed” in industrial flooring is higher than ever. In the ever evolving and ever searching industry the “fast -track” installation has been the top leader in the race against time. Here is where the screed in all its variations come into place. It is used as a leveled base for further layer, as a sustainable flooring for a fast build premise, and will be the most preferred choice in the years to come.

The screed consists of an aggregate – normally sand and a binder in the form of cement. The usual binder is GGBS , PFA or calcium-based material. Often a binder can be the epoxy or polyurethane resin as well.

Screed is a fast-track material because of the minimal amount of water used. Water is always used to mix the materials and have them perform up to expectations. The less water used, the faster it will be absorbed and the building process can be significantly speeded up. The general rule is to allow a day for a thickness up to 40mm, and 2 for over 40mm. Yet, we must also consider that this refers to a dry and hyper-ventilated environment.

Even though this timetable is well known, there is one condition which says that “the better the preparation -the better the result in good finish”. This involves three major factors for consideration.

  • Тhe surface profile – this point will have to consider the leveling of the floor, its initial use and its subsequent service.
  • Any underlying issues in the slab – it is of vital importance what lurks under the slab as it will be the foundation of the floor. Grease, oils and lubricants can damage the slab and cause serious problems for the screed laying.
  • Environment consideration – a crucial factor is the realisation of the surrounding environment and the actual use and service of the flooring. The purpose determines the performance of the screed.

The Flooring Group Ltd. has the potential to execute all projects no matter their deadlines or individual preferences. Our contractors provide the latest brands and are open to interpret all customer needs and turn them into reality.