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The Perfect Flooring For Pet Owners

The dog is man’s best friend, as we all know all too well. Having a pet like that indoors is a bliss form security and friendship. But when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the house, things can go a little complicated. It is a big challenge to keep the property clean, especially for a full-time working owner.

The floor must be easy to clean, moisture resistant and highly durable. A pet-friendly surface does not include only the type of flooring in the hallway but all around the home. As a pet owner one must always consider a few key points:

A non-slippery surface. Any fast-paced furry pet will appreciate a soft landing on a fluffy carpet or rug. This option brings also further insulation from sound and heat.
Cleaning after the pet. The most practical choice would be to have wooden floors installed all through the house. The wood will bring warmth and comfort to both the owner and the pet. It would be especially easier to clean when compared to carpets.

Claw resistance. A protective layer will come in handy and save up a lot of cash when people have the full 4-paw and claw friend around. In such cases the laminate flooring will be the obvious choice as it is easy to install, has that protection and imitates wood.

Consider the accidents that will occur. Every once in a while such issues will be raised. So it is best to have a moisture resistant floor like vinyl one, or a professional floor cleaner’s phone at hand. It is vital to choose wisely and accordingly.

Whatever final choice of flooring is made, one thing must be certain – the floor will be an asset, not a liability. The investment must be made carefully with a thought of future use and risks. There is no universal floor to fit all the criteria, but one can make a choice that covers their majority. The Flooring Group will provide the diversity and flexibility the pet owner needs. Give us a call or visit one of our flooring stores.