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The Perfect Transition To Carpeted Floors

Having to transition from tiled floor to carpeted one is not easy as there is a level difference of at least 20 mm. That difference is not aesthetically and technically good. The carpet itself cannot compensate the difference in heights and specially designed trick must come in handy.

We at The Flooring Group are here to present you with the most common and preferred way to cover the height – the carpet shim. There are two ways to use them:

The “Easyshim”
That is a product that comes in a variety of heights – 15mm, 12mm, 9mm or 6mm. It is adaptable to almost every need. The shim is installed right next to the hard floor via the connection of a carpet gripper. A tiny line is left between the gripper and the hard floor to secure the transition further. Then the underlay of the carpet is installed and the carpet is fitted in the line between the gripper and the hard floor and over the underlay. Correct placement of all items is vital to the final result which is a straight floor and immediate transition from one type of floor to another without a border line.

For visuals see:

The “Z-shim”
A specifically designed border line with adjustments for placing the carpet underneath. This device excludes the use of additional height leveling items, as it relies only on the carpet underlay. Also, this device creates a border line between the hard floor and the carpet and simultaneously works as a gripper with its pins under. The multifunctional Z shape helps fitting the carpet under easier, yet placing it right at the pins is hard and risky work. That is why our supplier “Stairrods” Ltd provides an extra feature to ease the fitting. It is called “easychock” and works as a convenient raised base for the Z-shim. The pins are more accessible and gripping is further strengthened by pressing the Z-shim down. The final result is a stylish borderline and even leveled floor of different kinds.

Visuals here:

The Flooring Group is working with this method to fulfill customer needs, especially in public places to facilitate the movement of wheelchairs, loading carts, etc.

Inspired by the Stairrods Ltd