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The Staircase Floor Choice

Every home of above a single story will definitely have a staircase with the height, width and configuration always vary according to the building design. Staircases, against all odds, have numerous flooring options. However, the decision on what to select should always be governed by their structural and functional use. Here down The Flooring Group has listed some flooring options for staircases.

  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles can provide both a modern chic look or a rustic earthy finish. Tiles are extremely easy to clean and maintain. The drawback to tile on stairs is that it can be very slippery, so the safety point is very low. Just imagine walking down tile stairs with only socks. A slip and fall will definitely be a very painful experience.
  • Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, gives the staircase an unmatched elegance and the nice classical look. But bare in mind the staircases is always a very high traffic area so if you are installing wood on, keep the one thing in mind – the harder the wood, the less prone it is to dents. Scratches and scuffs are usually related to the finish on the wood and not its hardness.
  • For those who love the look of hardwood or tile, exploring laminate is an option. Laminate offers a wide range of designs and colours and can imitate hardwood or tile. Laminate is a highly very durable floor that can withstand high traffic as no other. Laminate is also very easy to maintain.
  • Carpets are probably the safest staircase flooring choice. Here there are options of using a carpet runner to cover the existing flooring like laminate, tile or hardwood or laying a full carpet on the stairs. One of the biggest complaints about carpeted stairs is the fact it is difficult to be kept clean. Simple vacuuming up and down stairs can be very tiresome and cumbersome.

The Flooring Group will always provide the best option with a thought of the age group of the residents, safety and design.