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Commercial Flooring News

The Trendy Wood Floorings

Wood flooring is the classic choice, even with the rise of wood-look flooring options.

When it comes to trends and style, some have longevity in the marketplace and others do not. For example, elongated tiles and planks have recently made a splash. Also we know that Grey is the new Beige and the flooring color trends are really showcasing that. Wood flooring has added this color by creating a “driftwood” appearance. There are also “hardwood looking” tiles in deep and medium tones that are very popular. Gone are the yellow toned oak shades and the cherry tones. And the days of a high gloss finish are removed by matt or satin ones.

In 2018 there are three main themes in home décor: innovative technologies, alternative and organic materials, and more personalized and unique designs. This translates into a resurgence of eco-friendly materials like marmoleum or cork. Moreover, parquet style planks are being often used to achieve more personalized patterned flooring. For all the hardwood enthusiast the current wider planks trend continues, as well as the use of mixed width planks which give a less uniform and more individual feel.

The past 2017 trends were all about extremes – such as ultra dark and ultra light. The only exception was gray, as every shade of it was kind of special.
And those extremes are still holding strong. But there are some warmer, middle-of-the-road hardwood flooring ideas sneaking through. The flooring is primarily used nowadays to set the tone or feel of the home.

For years, lighter floors were classified as outdated or inexpensive. But that is no longer the case. As more homeowners embrace the “Blonde wood”, in particular, and it still feels timeless.
With it the decorating possibilities are endless – chic, contemporary feel or a rustic. Predictions are that Blond wood will become a trend-turned-classic.