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There Is Nothing Superficial About The Surface

Surface preparation is an important process of treating the substrate by making it a level, clean, sound, free from contaminants surface that is ready for the application of a specific product. As far as resin London flooring is concerned, this process is the most essential aspect that ensures the efficiency of resin London flooring system. The procedure consists of removing existing residues or contaminating materials and mechanical cleaning. After that the surface is textured and a resin flooring system can be installed.

  • London flooring professionals warn that if any residues from old coatings contaminants are left or by any other reason the surface is uneven, the adhesion, aesthetics and durability will be affected. In other words the resin London flooring system will fail to succeed.
  • In order to achieve efficacy, there are four key principles of surface preparation when applying resin London flooring. They are shot-blasting, scabbling/planing, grinding and multi-stripping. As every project is different and these methods are the basis of preparing a substrate to receive the resin system, it is advisable to seek the help of London flooring contractors that have the right know-how of surface preparation.

London flooring specialists in surface preparation have to undertake a qualification course and should be specially trained – there are different apprenticeship schemes and other upskilling courses to provide the specialists with the knowledge required.

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