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Things To Know Before Laying Laminate

Laminate is a perfect choice for both domestic and commercial properties for numerous reasons. It is a fantastic alternative to solid wood flooring at a lower cost, while also being really easy to maintain. Yet, before laying laminate flooring, there are a few things to know before getting started. The Flooring Group has some tips that will come in handy.

Preparation Of The Room

This means to remove all of the skirting boards in the room. The floor must be completely clean and leveled. This will prevent any soft or spongy areas from appearing in the laminate flooring, as well as seams from opening. Laminate flooring can be laid over the majority of other flooring, except carpets; but will certainly raise the level of the floor by approximately ⅜ inch.

Measuring the Room

The next step is to accurately measure the room. Laminate flooring will definitely expand, so approximately ⅜ inch around the perimeter must be left. This gap will be covered later by the skirting boards. Finally, another 5% must be added to the measurements to allow for any mistakes or waste.

Preparation Of The Flooring

Once the laminate flooring is brought in, all separate planks should be laid out across the room. We suggest the flooring to be left like this for 48 hours so that it can adjust to the humidity of the room. There is no need to clean all the planks as it will be easier, once the floor is installed.

Get Started

It is not difficult and is done relatively fast and quick, provided you have the correct measurements and all planks are laid out.

Our flooring technicians have the required expertise and knowledge to install your laminate flooring to the highest standard and with the needed attention to detail. Do not hesitate to contact The Flooring Group for your next flooring project.